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Reasons to Avoid a Cheap CRM Tool that Bundles SMS

Reasons to Avoid a Cheap CRM Tool That Bundles SMS

Searching for the right text message platform to support your campaign’s needs can be tricky. If you’re shopping for a customer relations management (CRM) tool that includes text message marketing features, you’ve come to the right place. We don’t want you to waste your money or time researching the benefits of CRM and SMS platform bundles. Keep reading for the top reasons not to choose a CRM platform as your primary SMS tool and learn about the benefits of partnering with a dedicated SMS marketing platform like Tatango instead.


What Is a CRM Tool?

CRM software is the technology that helps manage your interactions with customers. Ultimately, CRM tools allow companies to store and manage data about their customers. CRM tools have quite a long list of features that may include contact, lead, sales management, sales forecasting, sales analytics, email integration, social media, and mobile management integration, to name a few. 

While it may seem like CRM tools can handle all of your text message marketing needs, the opposite is often true. Text message features tend to be a low priority in CRM systems. Choosing a reliable text message platform is essential to the success of your campaign. That’s why Tatango focuses solely on supporting political campaigns and advocacy organizations in running the nation’s most successful SMS marketing campaigns.


Reasons Not to Use CRM Tools for SMS Marketing

Don’t be fooled by the wide range of tools and features CRM systems say they offer. Though the long list of features might be tempting, they might not provide the best platform for a successful SMS marketing campaign. The following are the top three reasons not to purchase a CRM tool to meet your text message marketing needs.


1. CRM Companies Are Not SMS Marketing Experts

The number one reason not to purchase a CRM platform as your primary SMS marketing tool is that CRM companies aren’t text message marketing experts. While CRM platforms might be helpful with tracking communication between companies and their consumers, the platform’s developers don’t know what it takes to run a successful text message marketing campaign. 

One of the most important aspects of running a successful SMS marketing campaign is ensuring every aspect and interaction is legal. For example, repeated unsolicited messages can result in fines up to $1,500 per message, per recipient. Therefore, relying on systems that aren’t adequately equipped to support the ever-changing legality of Telephone Communication Protection Act (TCPA) regulations is an unnecessary gamble. 

The team of experts at Tatango has more than 14 years of experience supporting the nation’s most successful SMS marketing campaigns. We’re well versed in TCPA law to help ensure you stay protected against costly legal fees. 


2. CRM Companies Don’t Focus on SMS Messaging

With all the features CRM tools offer, it’s unlikely their SMS messaging tool is a top priority. Weigh your options. A one-size-fits-all solution might seem like the best option when it comes to the most effective way to communicate with your supporters, but with so many tools to juggle, SMS marketing is often at the bottom of the list for CRM companies.  


3. SMS Functionality Lags

Another reason not to rely on CRM platforms for your SMS marketing needs is that the industry prioritizes other features above text messaging. For instance, most of the benefits of CRM software reside in its ability to assist with email integration, content and project management, and sales leads. Unfortunately, text message marketing is a lower priority, which means the functionality of essential SMS features like messaging speed, reliability, and quality suffers.

Imagine coming off of a major press conference or national debate, only to realize that the CRM’s messaging side is overwhelmed and out of service. This can literally cost you millions in donations or votes, which is why you want to partner with a provider whose sole priority is to get your messages out fast when they matter most.

What Tatango Offers That CRM Companies Don’t

If your main priority is engaging with your subscribers, take advantage of the 99% text message open rate the Tatango platform offers. Our segmenting tool stands alone when compared to any CRM platform feature. Tatango can help you target subscribers based on age, name, location down to the zip code, and nearly any other identifier that comes to mind. 

When you partner with Tatango, we provide you with a custom shortcode. An SMS short code is a five- or six-digit number used exclusively by your company. Campaigns that use short codes make it easy for their supporters to recognize them. Short codes are easy to remember and perfect for promotional materials like flyers, banners, posters, and ads. You can easily integrate the short code with your website, so any time someone provides their phone number on a web form, they are synced with your text marketing program.

The possibilities are limitless when you partner with Tatango. We make it easy for our clients to stay in touch with subscribers using message automation. Send several text messages to different segmented groups of subscribers with our message automation tool. 

Tatango’s integrations make it possible to connect with hundreds of web services. Our platform is versatile. Our clients can also integrate Tatango into any existing software or application. You can determine who has access to your account and delegate what they’re allowed to do. 

When you partner with Tatango, you’ll receive exceptional support from our SMS marketing experts and Customer Success Team. The Tatango team is always ready to answer your most pressing questions and advise you along the way. 

In addition, your organization will gain instant access to exclusive free benefits like the Tatango Design Studio, a team of designers ready to bring your MMS marketing ideas to life.

Take advantage of our message report analytics tool. Tracking how many people open your SMS messages is essential to running a successful text message marketing campaign. You can also keep an eye on the bounce rate to ensure you’re running a TCPA-compliant campaign. You can even track donation details such as how many subscribers donated, the average donation amount, and the total amount of donations received. 

Reasons to Avoid a Cheap CRM Tool That Bundles SMS


Partner with Tatango Today

It’s clear that CRM tools just don’t provide the support necessary to build a successful text message marketing campaign. The Tatango platform offers our clients outstanding customer services and world-class features not available with the average CRM add-on tools. Contact us for more information about our exclusive features. Our team of experts is ready to support your text message marketing campaign every step of the way.

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