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Text message marketing boasts a 99% open rate, higher than any other form of digital marketing. That high open rate is partly due to the engaging features of Multimedia Message Service (MMS) messages, one of the most effective forms of text messaging for political and nonprofit organizations. 

However, when sending MMS messages to supporters, one of the biggest challenges that organizations face is figuring out the right type of media content to send. With so many options, the task can quickly become daunting.  Most campaigns don’t have the staffing, resources, or time to craft attention-grabbing MMS messages. 

Tatango makes MMS messaging easy for our clients by offering unlimited access to the Tatango Design Studio. In this article, we’ve broken down the benefits of MMS messaging and highlighted the exclusive benefits our clients receive from the Tatango Design Studio experts.


What Is MMS Messaging?

MMS messaging is a form of text message marketing that gives political groups and nonprofit organizations a broad range of features to choose from when communicating with their supporters. MMS messaging allows users to send up to 5,000 characters, including text and multimedia content. That differs from SMS messaging, which only allows up to 160 text characters per text message. Multimedia messages can include videos, GIFs, sound files, images, and subject lines.


What Are the Benefits of Using MMS Messaging?

Below are just a few of the top benefits of MMS messaging for political campaigns and advocacy organizations.


High Open Rate

One advantage MMS messaging has over any other form of digital communication is the high open rate mentioned earlier. The numbers don’t lie. On average, subscribers open MMS messages 90% of the time within the first three minutes of receiving them. (That’s almost three times higher than the 28% open rate for email marketing.) Choosing MMS messaging as the go-to communication strategy for your political campaign or nonprofit organization means you’re practically guaranteed to yield successful results. Messages won’t get lost in junk folders; they go straight to your supporters. When you hit send, rest assured your supporters will see every crucial message.


Cost Effectiveness

Finances can make or break a political campaign or nonprofit organization. If you want to keep your communication budget in the black, MMS messaging should always be your go-to method of communication to keep supporters informed. When comparing the ROI of MMS messages versus the ROI of emails, MMS messages come out on top. On average, Tatango clients receive $5 in donations for every $1 they invest in text message marketing.


Subject Lines

Similar to email marketing messages, MMS messages can include a subject line. This is especially attention-grabbing for text message recipients, who aren’t used to seeing subject lines in regular texts from friends and family. 

On the Tatango platform, our clients can add an enticing subject line of up to approximately 40 characters. With this feature, political candidates and nonprofit organizations can capture a supporter’s attention before they even unlock their device. If subject lines are a weak point in your text message marketing, the Tatango Design Studio experts can work with you to compose tempting subject lines your supporters won’t ignore.


Audio Files

Did you know that, with MMS messages, you can send audio files to your subscribers? With this feature, political candidates or nonprofit organizations can speak directly to their constituents and supporters. Imagine how appreciated corporate and individual donors would feel receiving a thank-you message they can listen to after sending financial support to the candidate they believe in. Personalized voter registration deadline reminders sent to swing counties can make a world of difference in race results. Campaigns that use audio files to add a personal touch after critical events are sure to stay at the top of voter’s minds—and results at the polls.

Tatango Design Studio


GIFs are moving images made up of a series of still images or a video snippet without sound. They repeat continuously on a loop. GIFs are a great way to capture your supporters’ attention because they play automatically. If you have images or videos from a rally, consider sending them as a GIF. Supporters who may not have been able to attend important events love the visual recaps. Not sure how to start developing unique GIFs of your own? Our experts can work with videos and photos of your latest event to turn them into eye-catching GIFs for you.

Tatango Design Studio


What Is the Tatango Design Studio?

A big challenge when sending an MMS message for political or nonprofit organizations is coming up with the media content to include in the message. The experts at Tatango know how time-consuming and complicated it can be to design engaging MMS message media such as subject lines, audio files, and GIFs. It requires knowledge about things that may not even come up during brainstorming sessions—like formatting, sizing, and coloring—to bring an engaging and effective MMS message to life. Grassroots and well-established campaigns alike don’t have time or money to spare on the intricate details of designing top-notch MMS message content. We created the Tatango Design Studio to help your campaign by taking on some of the tedious tasks involved in creating MMS messages.

Tatango has in-house designers who work with political campaigns and nonprofit organizations at no extra cost. When you partner with Tatango, you have unlimited access to the experts in the Tatango Design Studio. Our experts have more than 14 years of experience working with every aspect of the MMS messaging design process.

With all the benefits and features we’ve listed above, you might be wondering if MMS messaging is right for you. We get it. What good are all these features if you don’t know how to use them effectively? We always give our clients VIP treatment when it comes to our text message marketing software. We offer our clients exclusive access to the Tatango Design Studio. So, if you’re not sure how to start creating your MMS text messages, our experts have your back. 

The Tatango Design Studio supports our clients in creating captivating MMS messages for their unique subscriber base from end to end. 


How to Access the Tatango Design Studio

If you’re already a Tatango client, follow these steps for unlimited access to our MMS messaging experts:

  1. Contact your account representative and let them know you’d like access to the Tatango Design Studio.
  2. Share your notes and assets of your vision for the final product with our in-house designers.
  3. Let the experts at Tatango take it from there.

After these three easy steps, we’ll make the video, GIFS, and photos you dreamed of a reality for your nonprofit or political MMS messaging campaign


Start Working with the Tatango Design Studio Today

Good news, if you’re already a client with Tatango, you have full access to our Design Studio. Reach out to your account representative, and they’ll connect you with one of our MMS experts. Not a client yet? Contact us to learn more about working with Tatango and gaining access to more of the exclusive benefits for Tatango clients.

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