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Increase SMS Redemption Rates by 17%

Increase SMS Redemption Rates

I read an interesting case study this week from our friends at Text Marketer, an SMS marketing provider in Europe, who saw a 17.6% increase in redemptions for their customer, Pizza Planet. Instead of sending the regular “show this text message at the cash register” type of SMS promotion, Pizza Planet asked customers to respond “yes” to commit to the SMS promotion. After the customer committed to the SMS promotion, an employee from Pizza Planet would then call the customer to take their order.

Obviously there is an additional cost to have an employee call customers to take their order, but it looks like for this restaurant, the increase in redemptions offsets that cost. What’s great about this case study is that it highlights the benefits of trying different approaches when it comes to an SMS marketing campaigns. By Pizza Planet trying something new, they were able to achieve some pretty significant positive results.

Have you tried something new or out of the ordinary with your own restaurant SMS marketing campaign that increases redemptions or even lowered churn? Let me know in the comments section below.

You can read more about this SMS marketing campaign and the results on the Text Marketer Blog.


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