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How Big Is The Average Restaurant SMS List?

Restuarant Text Message Marketing

A common question we get here at Tatango is how big can I expect my restaurant SMS marketing list to be? Our good friends at Cellit recently evaluated over 9,000 restaurant SMS marketing lists and found that the average restaurant SMS marketing list had 791 SMS subscribers per location.

That’s the average restaurant SMS marketing list, and by no means your average right? I didn’t think so! So how do we take your restaurant SMS marketing list size from average to extraordinary? There are two methods…

1) Grow your restaurant’s SMS marketing list faster! But how? It’s actually pretty simple, as long you use this one strategy. You can thank us later!

2) Reduce your restaurant’s SMS marketing list churn. By sending text messages at just the right time, you can reduce the amount of list churn you experience. Did you know that restaurants that sent text message promotions on the weekend had a 4.75% opt-out rate, where restaurants that sent text message promotions on weekdays only had a 1.85% opt-out rate? Did you also know that 72% of people either choose where they will eat less than an hour before or completely on impulse while 20% take an hour or more to decide? It’s true! Want more data on when restaurant customers make decisions on when to eat, click here.

Are you a restaurant looking to build an SMS marketing list, or even grow your existing list? If so, get in touch with the restaurant SMS marketing experts at Tatango and let us help your restaurant launch a successful SMS marketing campaign.

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