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Double Opt-In SMS Campaigns Now Supported By Tatango

Have you ever thought it would be really useful to collect information about your mobile subscribers during the opt-in process? Maybe a zip code so that you can send location-based mobile marketing messages, or maybe a subscriber’s name so that you can make each mass text message more personal? If so, you’ll be happy to know that we also thought this would be really useful, and is why we’re announcing that double opt-in SMS campaigns are now supported by Tatango.

The best part about the fact that Tatango now supports double opt-in SMS campaigns is that it’s extremely simple for you to implement. All you need to do is select the data you want to collect during the opt-in process (zip code, email address, first name, birth date, or even a simple “Y” or “YES”), and enter a message to tell the person opting-in what you’re looking to collect from them. You can see an example below.

Double Opt-In Text Messaging Campaign

Once the above has been completed, a customer will now be prompted after they text your SMS keyword to your SMS short code with a request for information before completing the opt-in process. You can see an example below.

Double Opt-In SMS Message

Once the correct information has been received by Tatango from your new subscriber, they’re opted-in to your SMS campaign. We told you it was pretty easy huh? For more information and detailed instructions on how to setup an SMS campaign with a double opt-in, see our support forum here.


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