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Add First Names to Customize SMS Promotions

The most important word to any person is their own name, so why not personalize your next SMS promotion by using your customer’s first names? How can you do this you ask? It’s actually pretty simple with a feature we like to call a first name merge-tag, which allows you to personalize every individual SMS promotion you send out with each subscriber’s first name.

First though, you have to make sure every subscriber has a first name stored in your Tatango subscriber database, or instead of their first name appearing in the text message, it will just say “Friend”. There’s a few ways to make sure your mobile subscribers have a first name associated with their mobile phone number, but the most popular way is to collect this information during the opt-in process with a double opt-in, which collects the subscriber’s first name before letting them subscribe to your SMS campaign.

Once your SMS subscribers have names, then using those names to customize your SMS promotion is a breeze. All you need to do is create a new SMS broadcast and use the merge tag {1stname} within your message like below.

Personalized SMS Promotion

Just like magic, when your SMS subscriber named Joe receives the above message on their mobile device, it will be customized with his name. You can see what this looks like below, how cool is that?

Personalized Text Message Coupon

Whether you’re sending an SMS promotion to one or one hundred thousand customers, this feature helps you make every subscriber feel like your SMS promotion was meant just for them. With Tatango merge tags, now you can make every message personal, friendly and most importantly this feature will be sure to increase your mobile marketing conversion rates.

Want to activate this feature on your own Tatango account, or have a question about this feature? Give our awesome sales team at Tatango a call at 1 (888) 517-6345.


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