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97% of College Students Watch TV With Mobile Phone

I knew that a lot of college students watched TV with their mobile phones, but had no clue it was 97%. What’s even more shocking is the amount of other pieces of technology college students are using in addition to their mobile phones while watching TV.

I don’t know about you, but isn’t there a point when you have soo much technology on around you that the TV just becomes noise in the background? Maybe kids nowadays are just getting better at multitasking…

Some cool statistics to tweet:
97% of college kids use a mobile phone while watching TV. (TWEET)
25% of college kids use a phone, laptop & iPod while watching TV. (TWEET)
36% of college kids use a phone & laptop while watching TV. (TWEET)

Have you ever thought about running an TV advertisement targeted at college students with a text message call-to-action? Well with these statistics, there is no reason anymore not to.

Devices College Students Use While Simultaneously Watching TV


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