Text Message Marketing Case Studies

Ford SMS Marketing Gets 15.4% Conversion

A new SMS marketing campaign by Ford is showing success with a 15.4% conversion. The call-to-action asks readers to text FORD to 63611 to receive more information about purchasing new Ford vehicles.

Ford SMS Marketing

Once a reader texts FORD to 63611, they are asked to respond with which car they are most interested in, then they are prompted for their zip code, then prompted for their full name to be contacted by a local dealer. I stopped the sequence after giving my zip code, then I was prompted three different times over the next month to finish the sequence. You can think of it as a retargeting campaign for text messaging.

What do you think? How many times can a brand retarget their consumers via text messaging before it gets annoying? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below…

Ford SMS Marketing


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