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50% of Non-Profits Collected SMS Donations in 2013

Some pretty astonishing SMS donation statistics coming out of the UK this year. In a survey done by our friends at Blackbaud, they found that out of the 592 non-profit organizations in the UK and Ireland that took their 2013 survey, 49% of them had collected SMS donations in the last 12 months.

What’s even more astounding about the results of this survey was the fact that in their 2013 survey, 22% of non-profits said they plan to use SMS donations in 2014. So if my math is correct, if you add the percentage of non-profits that are currently using SMS donations, to the percentage of non-profits planning on using SMS donations, this means that in 2014 we can expect 71% of non-profits to use SMS donations. That’s a considerable percentage of non-profits using SMS donations!

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