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How Politicians Use SMS Marketing and Tatango

How Politicians Use SMS Marketing and Tatango

Tatango is a political text messaging marketing platform that helps today’s top candidates send SMS messages to their subscribers.

Real-time communication is critical for modern political campaigns. Our team at Tatango helps candidates update voters, build grassroots support, get ahead of the competition, and win elections using text messaging. Whether you’re organizing volunteers for an event, approaching a fundraising deadline, or needing to increase voter turnout in a swing state, Tatango’s political SMS messaging system can help.

In this blog post, learn more about how the top names in politics use SMS marketing and Tatango.


Why SMS Messaging Is Great for Politicians

Text messaging may be the most direct of all the forms of communication in use today. Texting is often the fastest way to contact someone, cutting through neglected email inboxes or oversaturated social media. In fact, in a recent survey, 78% of consumers stated that SMS messages were the quickest way to reach them. This makes perfect sense since 90% of all text messages are checked and read within the first three minutes. Compared to emails (which may end up in the spam or junk folder) or posts on social media (which may not be seen at all) this kind of instant interaction creates much clearer communication with supporters. 

Real-time updates for candidates and their supporters are vital, especially in political races that are coming down to the wire. Sending voters instant texts with clickable links can make a huge difference when an opponent is spinning a news story or when a fundraising deadline is fast approaching.

In addition to being a useful tool for informing and organizing a political base, SMS messages provide a valuable and secure method for receiving donations. On average, political campaigns get $5 back for every $1 spent on text message marketing with Tatango. With this high return on investment, it’s clear to see why SMS messages are playing a more central role in elections than ever before. 


Why Tatango Is Perfect for Political Text Messaging

Mass SMS texting campaigns can help campaigns get ahead, but only with the right technology and expertise. This is where Tatango can help. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the most valuable features for political candidates using SMS marketing.



Tatango can segment and personalize messages so they’re tailored to each subscriber or group of supporters. One way to personalize messages is to automatically add the subscriber’s name to the message using merge tags. Addressing the recipient by name in the text message may help the campaign’s update or clickable link gain more traction.

How Politicians Use SMS Marketing and Tatango



Segmentation can help further personalize SMS messages. Tatango can segment a subscriber list by location, zip code, and other demographic information to create highly targeted messages. Reaching the right people at the right time is vital when a local deadline or vote is approaching. A massive subscriber list would lose functionality and value without detailed segmentation. An SMS campaign’s texts can be much more personal and effective using merge tags and segmentation together.


Messaging Analytics

Tatango also offers analytical feedback to help campaigns understand what’s working and what needs to change. Analytics can be useful for fine-tuning a candidate’s messaging as the campaign progresses. As results improve or slow down, the texting strategy can be adjusted based on the data. 

How Politicians Use SMS Marketing and Tatango 5


MMS Messaging

In addition to the personalization features, Tatango can send MMS (multimedia messaging service) messages. These texts can contain up to 5,000 characters, whereas SMS texts are limited to 160 characters. MMS messages can also contain images, videos, GIFs, and other forms of media. These enhancements can help keep a texting campaign from becoming stale or boring. The variety of media and message length can help keep a campaign’s subscribers engaged.


Secure & Reliable High-Volume Sending

Tatango can also send the largest volume of texts in the country, handling millions of subscribers. A large system would be dangerous if it wasn’t secure and reliable. Tatango has spent years improving its procedures and implementing security features such as two-factor authentication, secure sending, and automated logout to ensure subscribers’ details are protected and the texting system is dependable.


Political Fundraising Integrations

Additionally, Tatango seamlessly integrates with all major political fundraising tools. Donating should be as fast and easy as possible. These integrations enable simple donation tools, like one-click links, in each text message. These integrations also enable the political fundraising tool and Tatango to sync subscriber data. Outdated systems and processes often mean campaigns are losing out on donations. Tatango helps campaigns succeed by streamlining and improving the fundraising process.

How Politicians Use SMS Marketing and Tatango


Ready to Start a Political SMS Campaign? 

Text message marketing is the perfect platform for political campaigns, but it can seem daunting to set up and get started. This is where Tatango comes in. We bring more than 14 years of expertise, advice, and technology to the table, empowering campaigns to raise money and unite their base like never before. Contact our team of experts to learn more, or download free resources such as our guides to the Top 10 Worst SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid or 5 Text Message Templates You Can Copy, Paste, and Send to Win Elections.

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