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What Are The Most Effective SMS Coupons?

There are many different ways to present an SMS coupon, but what types of SMS coupons do your consumers like best? Our friends at Cellit recently conducted a national survey among consumers finding out what type of SMS coupons they like most. The buy-one-get-one (BOGO) SMS coupon came in a distant first with 68% of consumers preferring this type of SMS coupon. You can see an example of a buy-one-get-one SMS coupon below.

BOGO SMS coupon

The “% off” SMS coupon was preferred by 22% of consumers. You can see an example of a % off SMS coupon below.

percent off SMS coupon

The “free with purchase” only accounted for a 6% preference by consumers. You can see an example of one of these SMS coupons below.

Free with Purchase SMS coupon

When asking consumers why they preferred the buy-one-get-one SMS coupon over the others, they said it simply holds the most value.  Consumers felt that the “free with purchase” SMS coupon was too often for items that held little value, and a traditional percentage discount wasn’t mentally as appealing. The fascinating part of the survey is all choices presented gave virtually the same value discount.

With this information, we recommend sending a mix of BOGO and % off SMS coupons to your customers, with a higher frequency of BOGO deals than % off deals. In addition to knowing what type of deal to send to customers, it’s also important that you learn how to format an SMS coupon to get the highest redemption rates possible. Need help figuring out what type of SMS coupons are going to be the best for your customers, contact the Team at Tatango to find out.

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