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Tommy Hilfiger Switching SMS Short Codes


Tommy Hilfiger celebrated its 30th year in business this year, and in 2014, reported $6.7 billion in sales worldwide. Clearly, the fashion brand is doing something right, and we have to give them credit after updating their SMS short code.

The company calls its list “Tommy Mobile,” and sent out the following message from SMS short code 289784 to subscribers:

Tommy Hilfiger SMS Short Code Change

The new short code is 86669, and “Tommy Mobile” had this to say: “Tommy is moving to a new short code, 86669, and we’re going to continue offering you the same great content. To opt out, reply TOMMY STOP.”

Instead of sharing dull text messages about switching to another SMS short code, Tommy Hilfiger’s line about “we’re going to continue offering you the same great content,” is a good one.

Wet Seal, a women’s clothing chain, cracks jokes when letting customers know they’re switching numbers. This is a great way to help ease the potential annoyance of such a move, especially when you’re like Wet Seal and switch SMS short codes multiple times for whatever reason.

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