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Wet Seal Explains Short Code Migration With Joke

Wet Seal SMS Short Code

Women’s clothing chain Wet Seal has had to change its SMS short code before, and the company is back with yet another update. An SMS short code is the five digit number that text messages come from, and with any major change such as this, it’s very likely some customers will be left behind.

Fortunately, Wet Seal has a good sense of humor, and had this to say:

Wet Seal MMS Short Code Change

The text message reads, “Bummer! Lost our phone at a Halloween party & had to get a new number! Future Wet Seal texts will come from 24242. Reply STOP to cancel Wet Seal Alerts.”

We’re not exactly sure why they have to keep changing their short code, but good on them for having fun with it. What we are sure of is their method of collecting email addresses via text message is an effective one.

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