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This Easy Tip Will Maximize Donations and Grow Your List

This Easy Tip Will Maximize Donations and Grow Your List

SMS text message marketing and fundraising for political campaigns and nonprofit organizations don’t need to be complicated. But it can be hard to cut through the noise to figure out what really works. As the nation’s leading SMS fundraising platform, we know what works best for rapidly growing subscriber lists and raising record-breaking donations.

You don’t need to waste valuable time reinventing the wheel—partner with Tatango to work smarter, not harder. In this blog post, we share one quick tip that will help you maximize donations while growing your subscriber list.

Why Use SMS and MMS Text Messaging for Your Campaign

Unlike traditional marketing and promotion methods such as direct mail, commercials, email newsletters, or even social media platforms, SMS text message marketing is far more effective at reaching your audience. The average open rate for email newsletters is only about 22.71%, and the average click-through rate is a dismal 2.91%. SMS and MMS text messages boast far more impressive numbers. For example, 78% of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them.

Text messages are the perfect channel for marketers to share time-sensitive promotions and information. More than 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received, making it a powerful and essential tool for your campaign.

The technology and innovation of SMS text messaging offer unmatched flexibility and efficiency, making your outreach more effective so you can do more and raise more money in less time without sacrificing the quality of your message. Text message marketing can reach thousands or even millions of supporters at once. In October 2021 alone, over 5 billion text messages were sent. An additional 270 million went out in the days following the election.

Try This Tip To Maximize Donations and Grow Your List

Now you know why SMS and MMS text messaging are essential for your campaign. But using text message marketing isn’t enough. You can do one easy thing to reach your fundraising goals and gain subscribers: integrate your SMS phone number with your website.

How to Integrate Your SMS Phone Number with Your Website

With a simple snippet of code, you can integrate your SMS marketing program with your website and donation portal. Whenever a supporter or donor enters their number on a web form, their information automatically syncs with your SMS program. Once you have their phone number, you can invite repeat donors to give again or invite first-time donors to be part of your important mission.

A nonprofit webpage with a form inviting someone to give their phone number.

Integrating your SMS number with your website makes automation possible, and automation helps you do more with less (less time, less money, less effort). This simple integration will help your campaign succeed and make your life easier. It’s fast, easy, and rapidly grows your SMS subscribers while increasing donations.

Add Tatango to Your 2022 Marketing or Fundraising Campaign

SMS and MMS text message marketing are essential tools for every marketing manager. Work with the robust Tatango platform, and you will raise record donations and build an extensive, engaged subscriber list. To learn more about how Tatango can help elevate your SMS marketing campaign, contact our text message marketing experts today!

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