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Text Message Advertising Done Right

Here at Tatango, we encourage our clients to advertise their text message marketing campaign everywhere possible. Our good friends at New York Pizza here in Seattle, have once again outdone themselves. This is the same pizza restaurant that awhile back started advertising their SMS campaign on the restaurant bathroom mirrors with funny three-step instructions.

Once again though, New York Pizza has outdone themselves by finding a new and unique way to advertise their text message marketing campaign. This time they’ve put the text message call-to-action on the back of their loyalty reward cards. See image below.

* On a side note, this Tatango client forgot to put standard opt-in information in the call-to-action, which is required by the CTIA. To make sure your text message marketing campaign is fully complaint with the CTIA, I suggest you watch this video.

Text Message Advertising

Are you looking for places to advertise your text message marketing campaign? We suggest you watch this video to get ideas.


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