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Tatango V3.1 Launches – 9 New Killer Features

While other SMS providers keep making things bigger and more complex, we like to do things a little different here at Tatango. Awhile back, Tatango set out to add 9 new killer features, and at the same time make the user experience more simple than ever before. Sounds impossible right?

Well after 3 months of hard work, I’m proud to say that I think we’ve been able to pull off the impossible. You can read about these 9 new killer features below or experience them first hand by logging in to your Tatango account.


1) Enhanced Individual SMS Subscriber Reports

Now by clicking on any SMS subscriber in any of your lists, you will quickly be able to see their subscription state (subscribed or unsubscribed), mobile phone carrier, how many text messages they’ve received, their first subscription date and how they subscribed to your list. As everyone says, information is power… be careful, this is a lot of power!

Tatango Subscriber Report Screenshot


2) Individual Subscriber History

In addition to providing you the information above about each one of your SMS subscribers, we also now provide you with a full history of their subscription. This means you can see every message you have sent to them and every message they’ve sent you, all in one nice and easy to view feed.


Tatango Subscriber History Screenshot

3) Subscription Information Available Everywhere

Want to know how many credits you’ve used during your billing cycle? Well instead of displaying this information on just the page where you send text messages, we’ve now added it under the “My Account” drop-down in the header. This means you can now access your subscription information from any page within Tatango.

Tatango Account Credits Screenshot

4) List Settings Has Moved

You may ask yourself, where the heck did “List Settings” go when looking at the new layout of V3.1 Don’t worry, it’s still there, and we think it’s found a much better home. To find list settings now, all you have to do is look to the right of the list name and click that little grey cog. Pretty simple huh?

Tatango List Settings Screenshot

5) Click to Invite Functionality

Now you can grow your SMS subscribers with one click by inviting customers on Facebook, Twitter and even email to join your list. The best part, we have pre-populated each share option with exactly what is required by the mobile phone carriers to stay within the SMS marketing industry best practices. We have also given you SMS marketing video tutorials to help you grow your list.

Tatango Invite Feature Screenshot

6) Customized opt-in message

Have you ever wanted to reward your customers for becoming an SMS subscriber? Well now you can with Tatango! No need to worry about best practices, Tatango always makes sure that you are in compliance with SMS marketing subscription best practices. Create some additional incentive for customers and customize your opt-in message right under list settings. Enjoy!

Tatango Text Message Screenshot


7) Individual Text Message Reports

With Tatango V3.1 you now can dive deeper than ever before into the data behind each text message. We’re talking data about successful messages, bounced messages, unsubscribes and even a breakdown of all the mobile phone carriers your SMS subscribers received your text message on. You asked for more data, so we’re giving you the whole enchilada of data!

Tatango Text Message Reports Screenshot

8 ) One Place for All Lists

Everyone needs a home, and this isn’t any different for your Tatango text messaging lists. When you click “Home”, you will be taken to a brand new page that will allow you to view all of your lists on one page. From this page, you are able to click through to manage each list.

Tatango Dashboard Screenshot 2

9) Yea, We’ve Got Resources!

Did you notice that when you are logged in, you see a new link in the header? Take another look… You see it now don’t you, a new “Resources” link. What’s behind the resources link? It’s more like what SMS marketing resources aren’t behind the link? Be careful when clicking this link–the information and resources may blow your mind.

Tatango Resources Page Screenshot


What do you think? Did Tatango crush it with v3.1? Leave your feedback in the comments section below. Thanks!

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