Tatango Launches Professional TCPA Plaintiff Monitoring to Protect Marketers

Professional TCPA Plaintiff Monitoring - Blog

We’re excited to announce today here at Tatango, the launch of the industry’s first product designed to actively monitor a business’s text messaging campaigns for known Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) plaintiffs: Professional TCPA Plaintiff Monitoring

In the last year 10 years, the number of TCPA lawsuits have increased a staggering 35,614%, with over 5,000 lawsuits filed last year. Many of these lawsuits share one thing in common: the plaintiffs. Based on lawsuits examined, 35% of TCPA plaintiffs have sued under so-called consumer-protection statutes in the past. These individuals are commonly referred to as “Professional TCPA Plaintiffs” because they actively solicit TCPA “violations” by subscribing their mobile phone numbers to hundreds, or even thousands, of text message marketing programs.

Given the astronomical amount of damages being sought by plaintiffs and the expense of defending these frivolous TCPA lawsuits, businesses are seeking tools to proactively protect themselves. The best way a business can protect itself from Professional TCPA Plaintiffs is to never send them text messages in the first place.

Tatango’s new TCPA Plaintiff Monitoring product offers a solution to businesses to proactively monitor their text campaigns for signs of professional plaintiffs. When a known TCPA plaintiff is detected attempting to engage with a business’s text message program, not only is the business alerted, Tatango’s advanced text messaging software automatically blocks all communications with that plaintiff’s mobile phone number. While Tatango doesn’t choose who a business sends text messages to, this new product will help businesses decide who not to text message.

Tatango continually monitors many different sources for TCPA plaintiff’s mobile numbers. These sources include:

  • TCPA Lawsuits
  • FCRA Lawsuits
  • FDCPA Lawsuits
  • Truth in Lending Lawsuits
  • Litigator Reporting Networks
  • Brand Reporting Networks
  • Software Reporting Networks

This makes Tatango’s TCPA Plaintiff Monitoring product the most powerful, and comprehensive TCPA tool available to text message marketers. If you’re interested in hearing more about this new Tatango product, please contact Tatango.

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