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Study Shows SMS Usage On Smartphones Highest In The Evening

Timing is everything, especially for a successful SMS marketing campaign. Knowing when to send out an SMS message can be confusing, that’s why we went on the hunt for some metrics around when people are using SMS most on a smartphone.

What we found was a recent study by Zokem, which shows that SMS, MMS, and email use on smartphones is highest in the evening, as you can see from the graph below.

Smartphone text messaging statistics

While this study doesn’t tell you exactly when to send your next SMS campaign, it gives you insight into what most likely your customers will be doing when they receive your message on their mobile phone. While we’ve written in the past about when the best time for a restaurant to send their text messages is, this study found that if you’re looking to message customers when they’re most likely to already be using SMS, the best times are between hours 16 and 18, or 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.

You could also look at the data discovered by Zokem as a when not to send SMS messages if you don’t want your message to be received during a time when your customers are receiving a lot of SMS messages. Either way, a well timed SMS marketing message is essential, so when planning on when to send your messages, take into consideration the study here, the type of message you’re sending, who your customer is and what type of business you are.

Want expert help in determining when to send SMS messages to your customers? Get in touch with the SMS marketing experts at Tatango and let us help you determine not only the best times during the day to send your messages, but what days and how often will give you the best results.

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