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SMS Marketing Launched for Starbucks Frappuccinos

In the United States, there’s nothing more evident that summer has arrived than the increased sightings of Starbucks’ customers with Frappuccinos in their hands. This summer season is a little different though, as you’re also going to see a text message marketing campaign from Starbucks that’s main focus is to help promote the Frappuccino.

Don’t believe us? Check out all the different places Starbucks is advertising their new SMS marketing campaign.

On their tumblr page, which you can visit here.

Starbucks Text Message Advertising

Mobile sign up forms.

Starbucks Text Message Alerts

They’re also blowing up Twitter, as you can see below.

Starbucks Text Message

They’re even advertising the SMS marketing campaign on Facebook, as you can see below!

Starbucks Text Message Marketing

So what happens when someone texts one of the Frappuccino SMS keywords like STRAW, SIPYEAH, or FLASHY to the SMS short code 221122? Below is what’s returned to customers, via both SMS & MMS.

Starbucks Text Message Marketing Message

Then you’re greeted with a little surprise, as the Frappuccino cat ditches his Frappuccino, in order to orchestrate some sort of disco light show from his paws, which you can see in the message below.

Starbucks MMS Marketing Message

Starbucks is no newcomer though to SMS marketing, as they’ve run multiple SMS campaign in the past including the Starbucks 12 days of gifting, an SMS trivia game, and a limited time only promotion.


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