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Ace Hardware Uses Mobile Marketing Coupons To Increase Sales

Ace Hardware is on a mobile marketing winning streak lately, beginning with one of their stores in Brentwood, California reporting that the annual revenue generated per SMS subscriber was $529. Wow, isn’t that good! Now, check out one of their recent mobile marketing campaigns, and tell me how cool this is!

The following text message was sent to Ace Hardware customers, offering $25 off a purchase of $100. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

Ace Hardware Text Message

When an Ace Hardware customer clicked the link in the mobile promotion, they’re taken to the following mobile web page, which displays the coupon for the $25 off. What’s also cool is that you can easily toggle to see the other offers mentioned in their text message, simply by swiping left. To redeem the coupon, Ace Hardware customers have to click the button that says “Redeem Coupon!”.

Ace Hardware Mobile Marketing Example

When Ace Hardware customers click the button that says “Redeem Coupon!”, they’re presented with a barcode, as you can see below. The coupon instructs the customer to display the barcode on their mobile phone to the cashier.

Ace Hardware Mobile Marketing Coupon

One of the really cool parts about Ace Hardware’s mobile marketing campaign is the fact that if you’re not ready to redeem, you can always save the coupon for later. As you can see in the image below, when you select “Save for later”, it gives you the following options to save the coupon for later. You can text it, or email it to yourself, or even add it to the Passbook application on your mobile device.

Ace Hardware Mobile Coupon

Pretty cool use of mobile marketing by Ace Hardware right? Looking for other retailers that are doing some cool things with mobile marketing? Check out these 10 mobile marketing retailer case studies that we put together.

Keep up the good work Ace Hardware, you guys are crushing it!


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