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Starbucks Tests SMS Trivia Game on Mobile Subscribers

Starbucks is no stranger to using text messaging to engage their loyal customers, as seen in their campaign to introduce Bistro Boxes, and now they’re taking mobile engagement to a whole new level by testing SMS trivia style games. Check out the SMS trivia question they sent out last month to their SMS database, asking subscribers to respond with the year that Starbucks debuted the Frappuccino, for a chance to win a copy of The Great Gatsby soundtrack.

As you can see from the SMS trivia response below, I wasn’t a winner, but I did get pretty close to the correct answer so I gave myself a pat on the back as my own little reward.

Starbucks SMS Trivia Game

I love what Starbucks is doing here mixing SMS trivia into their broadcast messaging campaigns, and I wouldn’t doubt if this campaign saw at least a 50% response rate from their subscribers. Great job Starbucks, keep up the good work with your SMS campaign, and look forward to seeing more SMS trivia questions in the future.


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