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SMS Voting Software

Here at Tatango we have a laser focus on one-to-many SMS marketing, which means we don’t offer a ton of features outside of our core competency. One of the features we get a lot of requests for is SMS voting, so instead of bloating our current software, we like to recommend other services with the same laser focus, but in their own SMS niche. The company we like the best for SMS voting is Poll Everywhere, a simple service that allows anyone to create a simple SMS poll, which people can submit their vote on by texting their choice to the Poll Everywhere SMS shortcode.

The steps to create an SMS poll are pretty simple.

  1. You ask a question. We asked the question: Which City is Your Favorite?”
  2. Audience answers using their mobile phones. You can text SEATTLE or BOSTON to 22333 to submit your vote. (try it now)
  3. Responses are displayed live on the web, or even within PowerPoint or Keynote. See below for the results. What’s cool is that the results of the poll will update automatically below, right before your eyes.


What’s also great about PollEverywhere is that like their product, their pricing is simple and easy to understand as well. What’s also great is that up to 30 responses per poll is completely free. You can’t beat that! Note that message and data rates may apply.


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