Common SMS Promotion Mistakes

I commonly see mistakes when a business advertises an SMS promotion. Below you will see two of the most common mistakes I notice, and how I would recommend a business owner go about fixing them.

Mistake #1: A business advertises their SMS promotion, but forgets to capture customer information. If the business is unable to capture their customer information, they won’t be able to market to them with future SMS promotions. See below for how this would look from a customer’s perspective.

Restaurant SMS promotion to get a mobile coupon

Fix #1: In this SMS promotion, the business owner would want to include an additional call to action, allowing the customer to opt-in to receive future SMS promotions. You can see below what it would look like for the business to include an additional call to action within the first SMS promotion to the customer.

Restaurant SMS promotion to get a mobile coupon


Mistake #2: A businesses forgets to tell their customers upfront that by taking part in the SMS promotion, they are also agreeing to opt-in for future ones. You can see how the business surprises the customer with this information in the SMS message below. It’s never a good idea to deceive customers.

Restaurant SMS promotion to get a mobile coupon

Fix #2: When the business advertises, they want to be very clear that in addition to receiving the SMS promotion, customers will also be receiving future SMS promotions from that business. You can see below that on the sign we added the words “& FUTURE PROMOTIONS” to remedy any confusion.

Restaurant SMS promotion to get a mobile coupon

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