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Keeping the Focus on ONE Thing

We have had customers try other SMS marketing services, just to come back to Tatango because we are so simple to use and focus on doing ONE thing really well – providing simple SMS marketing software. Check out the email below for an example of this. I’m going to be dissecting the e-mail to show why focusing on one product provides the greatest benefits.

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When you sign up for Tatango, you know what you are getting. We have made our service straightforward, with providing a how it works page showing all the features of Tatango: how to send messages, add members, view sent messages and managing contacts. Here you can see how our website works and how simple it is to manage your list(s). You will also see that messages you send do not include any advertisements from us or other companies. We want to make all 160 characters available for you to use :)

Focusing on one thing and making it the best it can be is the way to go. If you try to offer too many products or keep adding every feature customers recommend, you are going to have a jumbled service and going to lose your focus. Tatango has added different features like voice messaging but then realized having too many features was taking away from its core focus – SMS marketing. Also, focusing only on SMS marketing helps make Tatango a front runner because all our work strives to make it straightforward and simple. We can spend our time on perfecting one product compared to stretching our time over many products and only making them mediocre.

Also, focusing on one product make it easy for your customers to know what you are providing. Go to some of these other SMS marketing services and you will not know where to start. Having a website that is easy to navigate and cleanly laid out doesn’t hurt either.

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