SMS Marketing Statistics

SMS Marketing Statistics

Last week we put out a SMS marketing infographic from the results of a survey we commissioned here at Tatango. This text message marketing survey asked 500 U.S. consumers about their experience with text message marketing. To elaborate on the data within the infographic, we’ve included the graphs of the text message marketing statistics below. Hopefully this will help shed some light onto who in the U.S. is opting into text message marketing campaigns.


Have opted into SMS Campaign by age and gender:


Have opted into SMS Campaign by age:

SMS Marketing Statistics by Age


Survey Methodology

The 2011 Tatango Text Message Advertising Survey is a national survey designed to provide insight into consumer attitudes towards text message marketing and their mobile behavior. The survey was conducted in July 2011 through the online survey platform, AYTM. The survey is based on 500 respondents (100 respondents per age category 0-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-54, 55+) and all U.S. consumers. The survey is sponsored by Tatango.

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