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Tatango Customer Spotlight: Reset Games

Welcome to a new Tatango series we’re calling “Tatango Customer Spotlight”. In this series we’re turning the tables around on some of the awesome clients we have here at Tatango and asking them what their experience has been like with Tatango and text message marketing. Below you will find our first interview.


Client Name: Kathy Varner
Client Campaign Name: Reset Games (Text RESET to 68398)
Location: Bellingham, WA
Industry: Retail

Rest Games

1. What could be cooler than owning a video game store! What interested you about the gaming industry?

I always knew gaming was big, but in 2004 I saw a report that said the U.S. gaming industry as a whole was worth $10.3 billion. I was completely shocked. A couple of years later, we opened our first store.


2. How many stores do you currently have?

We have two Reset Games stores currently, but are looking at expanding and adding more locations this upcoming year.


3. So tell me about why you were interested in implementing text message marketing at your stores?

It was very obvious to us that the demographic coming into our stores were very text message savvy. How did we know this? We just had to look around; almost every customer during their visit had their phone out and was text messaging. It was crazy! It was at that point that we started to look for a text message marketing solution.

Reset Games Retail Store

4. How long did it take for your retail store to set up your text message campaign on Tatango?

We thought setting up and learning how to use Tatango was going to be a full-day process. We were completely wrong. It took a few minutes to set up our text messaging campaign. That was it, we were ready to go. Even when it came time to send our first text message, it took less than a minute as everything was so intuitive.


5. Can you give us an example of one of the text message campaigns you sent out to your customers?

We sent the following text message out to our SMS subscribers midday on Sunday: “Our Street Fighter IV tournament is this Sunday at 7:00PM! Sign up online at resetgames.com and pre-order Super Street Fighter IV for next Tuesday!”


6. What were the results of that text message?

With the last minute reminder via text message, we had record attendance at this specific in-store event. It was awesome!

Reset Games Retail Game Store

7. The majority of your subscriber list comes from the use of your SMS keyword. Where do you advertise your SMS keyword?

Everywhere! Seriously, we advertise our SMS keyword on everything and anything. We have our SMS keyword on our website, receipts, mailers, posters, Facebook, e-mails, and displayed around the store in various places. We figure that if a customer is looking at something, they most likely have their mobile phone with them and should opt-in to our text message campaign.

Retail SMS Keyword

8. Any advice for other retail stores looking to launch a text messaging campaign?

Promote your SMS keyword. An SMS keyword is the biggest asset for any retail store. With the small additional cost to add an SMS keyword to a poster or mailer, you can generate hundreds of captive customers. It’s a marketing no-brainer.


9. How do gamers find out more information about Reset Games?

You can check us out on our website, Facebook or even Twitter. Also, don’t forget to stop by one of our two stores. We look forward to seeing you!

Reset Games Wall

If you would like to be featured in the our new Customer Spotlight series, drop us a message.


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