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SMS Marketing News Roundup: September 17 – September 23

Weekly SMS Marketing News Roundup - September 10 - September 16

A weekly roundup from September 17th to September 23rd of the most important articles from all around the world that have a direct impact on SMS marketing, and a couple that are just awesome!


SMS Marketing Industry News:

Coca-Cola’s SMS Trouble Continues
This week on the Tatango SMS Marketing Blog, Coca-Cola was taken to task—and apparently for good reason. The beverage giant is facing a new class-action lawsuit born of the assertion that consumers were unable to opt-out of receiving text messages.

How & When the Mobile Phone Merged With Marketing
The Mobile Marketer came out with a great infographic of how and when the mobile phone merged with marketing.

Mobil First Data Points That You Need to Know From @YP @neilsencompany @invodo
MobileGroove and Wave Collapse have teamed up to provide the ecosystem a view into best practices based on real-world examples of effective mobile/cross-media campaigns, practical advice from industry-leading brands and professionals, and a fact-packed snapshot of the global mobile landscape. With this, we kick off a regular series documenting what you need to know to take advantage of this mobile mega-trend.

How NOT to Get Sued Using SMS
SMS/text marketing is one of the most effective mobile channels available but there are still people that are doing it wrong which has resulted in some lawsuits. Well, what better way to not get sued than talking with lawyers that specialize in this stuff?

Study: Mobile Couponing Habits by Product Categories
As mobile shopping takes the center stage in the developing world of e-commerce, Chitika Insights conducted a research study aimed at uncovering what coupons mobile consumers are searching for.

Seen on the Mobile Scene: Taco Bell helps make mobile a little more delicious!
Taco Bell’s CTA mobile survey overall was well executed and Taco Bell is smart to have the survey mobile-focused.  I have tried to do web surveys from other quick-service restaurants and they were very difficult to do on my handset.  With a little more time spent on the details and creative, the program could be even better!

How Shoppers Use Smartphones to Save Money
Smart shoppers are consulting multiple platforms to aid with shopping and to save money, according to recent surveys. Not only are they cashing in print and online coupons, but consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to get deals while in the store.

SMS For Email Service Providers Webinar
Waterfall analyzed SMS integration for ESPs, putting specific focus on the keys to be successful. Listen to the recorded conversation to learn about relevant stats, best practices, case studies, and actionable next steps for effective integration.

Political robocalls could prove costly
Political campaigns that robocall iPhones and Androids may be in for a shock: They could be fined $16,000 per call.


Tatango SMS Marketing News:

77% of Young Adults Confident in Ability to Text and Drive
 According to a study, a staggering 77% of young adults and 55% of teens are confident in their ability to text and drive. To show how ridiculous these young adults and teens are being, one organization in Belgium decided to tell young drivers that in order to pass their driving test that they needed to successfully send a text message while driving through a course, and avoiding any obstacles on the road.

Coca-Cola Sued For Holding SMS Subscribers Hostage
Coca-Cola apparently doesn’t understand that STOP means STOP, especially when you’re running an SMS marketing campaign. Coca-Cola is now facing the consequences in a new class-action lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that consumers were unable to opt-out of receiving text messages, which is a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

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