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HipCricket Reveals Insights Into Mobile Behaviors

Mobile marketing is growing at a rapid rate, and yet a new study from our friends over at HipCricket says that 74% of consumers’ favorite brands are not currently advertising to them on their mobile phones.

Hip Cricket Mobile Survey Major Brands

This is an overwhelmingly high number of businesses that are missing out on a great way to not only engage with consumers, but also increase store traffic and revenue. This is especially true when the survey showed that 64% of consumers have made a purchase as a direct result of a mobile ad and 70% of those being  between the age of 25-34.

Other interesting facts from the Survey:

  • 58% of consumers would be more likely to engage in their favorite brands mobile advertisement if they included an offer, deal or coupon
  • 44% of consumers would be willing to provide personal information via a mobile website in return for a reward, coupon or deal.
  • 45% of consumers say they have referred their friend to a product or service as a result of seeing or engaging in a mobile ad.


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