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SMS Advertising Floods Non-Traditional Marketing Scene

When it comes to non-traditional marketing, SMS marketing is growing says a January 2013 survey by Boston Retail Partners.  The study shows 40% of retailers currently use SMS advertising with an additional 23% expected to implement it within the next two years.  Results are seen in the chart below.SMS marketing growth

As seen above, not only has SMS marketing established a strong foothold in nonconventional advertising, but is expected to be used by 75% of retailers.  Another interesting statistic is how many feel that they are getting the results they want.

Tatango has tackled this problem with our Enterprise Account Managers.  Tatango Account Managers study the SMS messaging trends and more importantly implement those trends to get results specific for the industries they are working with.

Have questions on how to run a successful SMS campaign?  Give Tatango a call at (888) 517-6345 and ask how an account manager can help.


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