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SMS Advertising Example – Armani

SMS Advertising Example

I love finding SMS advertising examples while I’m out shopping. This SMS advertising example is from Armani, instructing customers to text “SHOP” to 27624 (ARMANI). While it’s almost impossible for a brand to create the perfect SMS advertisement without downloading and using our SMS advertising templates, I thought it would help the readers of this blog if I explained what was both good and bad about this specific SMS advertisement. That way when a brand is ready to advertise their own SMS marketing campaign to customers, they’ll understand what makes a good SMS advertisement.

The Good

  • Armani is doing a great job of incentivizing customers to opt-in, by offering them $10 off any purchase after they opt-in. How much faster can a brand expect their SMS subscribers to grow when they incentive their opt-in? Would you be surprised if it was up to 520%? It’s true, see here.
  • Armani has done a great job of making the incentive to opt-in the focal point of the SMS advertisement, with the instructions/details below the incentive, and in smaller font. You never want to make the focal point of your SMS advertisement the instructions/detail, then the incentive smaller. That just doesn’t make any sense…
  • I like how they’ve made the text for both their SMS keyword & SMS short code bigger and bolder than the instructions. This makes it easier for customers to quickly look at the SMS advertisement, and remember what the SMS keyword and short code are.
  • I love how Armani didn’t just throw up a printed piece of paper at their register to advertise their SMS campaign. By Armani spending both time and capital to create those vinyl letters, it conveys to customers that this SMS marketing program is the real deal.

The Bad

  • I’m not a fan of how Armani displayed their SMS short code as “ARMANI”. If your SMS short code spells something, make that secondary to the SMS short code number. It’s too confusing for customers to be told to text a word to a word, where texting a word to a number is much more understood. Read more about this topic here.
  • By texting “SHOP” to 276264, customers are opting in for future SMS promotions from Armani. The problem with this SMS advertisement is that nowhere does it say in the ad that by texting “SHOP” to 276264, a customer is opting in to receive future SMS promotions from Armani. A simple phrase like “& join our mobile VIP club” would have sufficed in this ad to make it clear to customers.
  • Armani is missing critical TCPA & CTIA disclosures in their SMS ad. To find out what these are, and where they should have put them, download our TCPA & CTIA compliance templates for SMS advertising here.

Anything you like or dislike that I’m missing here with this SMS advertisement? Let me know in the comments below.

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