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Retail Mobile Marketing Campaigns Generates 50,000 Opt-Ins

National Wholesale Liquidators Mobile Marketing Campaign

Looking for a great retail mobile marketing case study? If so, we’ve got a good one for you today from National Wholesale Liquidators. This 12 location retailer was able to build a mobile subscriber database of 50,000 customers. To do this, National Wholesale Liquidators advertised their new mobile marketing campaign in-store, online, and in their print advertising.

While it’s essential that a retailer adequately advertise their mobile campaign to their customers to grow their customer database, National Wholesale Liquidators used a proven strategy to grow their customer database at hyper speed. This proven strategy we’ve written about numerous times on this blog, and retailers that have implemented have generated some pretty phenomenal results. Don’t believe us, check out this tanning salon case study, where they were able to build a mobile database of 5,000 subscribers in only the first month of the campaign by using this strategy. The best part, those 5,000 mobile subscribers generated  $200,000 in new retail sales for the tanning salon.

What’s this magic strategy that takes your subscriber growth into hyper growth mode? It’s actually pretty simple, it only requires that a retailer offer some sort of incentive for a customer to join the mobile campaign, besides just receiving future mobile promotions. National Wholesale Liquidators did this by offering $5 off any purchase over $25 when a customer joined their retail mobile marketing campaign.

Even more impressive about the results of this retailer’s mobile marketing campaign is that on average, customers with the text message promotion spent 80% more at National Wholesale Liquidators than customers that didn’t receive the promotion. More specifically, customers that received the text message offer spent on average $45 at this retailer, while customers that didn’t receive the text message offer only spent $25.

To opt-in to this retailer’s mobile marketing campaign, all you have to do is text NWL to 64827 on your mobile phone. You can see what happens when a customer does this in the image below.

Retail Mobile Marketing Text Message

Are you a retailer looking to launch your own mobile marketing campaign? Before you do anything, give the mobile marketing experts at Tatango a call at (206) 274-6599 and let us help you develop a plan to make sure you see the same great results as retailers like Seattle Sun Tan and National Wholesale Liquidators.


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