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Peach Text Messaging – How It Works

Peach Text Message Example - Full Screen

It seems like during the last couple of years there’s been a resurgence in startups using text messaging. One common theme with these startups is their use of what we call “Reply Yes” text messaging campaigns. These types of text messaging campaigns essentially allow a text message recipient to order or purchase whatever the startup is selling, by simply reply to a text message they receive with the word “YES”.

One of the startups using this type of text messaging campaign is Peach, which offers it’s users a daily lunch offer from local restaurants, with the meal being delivered directly to wherever that person works. Lunches are always under $12 with delivery, tax, and tip included, so it’s a pretty compelling offer! It’s also been compelling to investors, as the startup has raised $10.7 million since its founding in 2014.


To help SMS marketers understand how these reply yes text messaging campaigns work, we’ve broken out, and explained the different components of their text messaging campaign below. This includes the SMS signup process, how the daily text message offers are sent, how you’re able to place an order with a simple text message reply, and even the different options Peach offers their customers to personalize the Peach SMS experience.

So without further ado, we present… Peach Text Messaging – How It Works

During the signup process for Peach, they’ll ask you for your mobile phone number, which will be used to send the daily text message offers from their local participating restaurants. You can see this page in the signup process below.

Peach Food Delivery Onboarding - Mobile Phone Number

When you start to enter your mobile phone number into the field, their text messaging terms & conditions appear, as you can see in the image below. We’ve embedded their text message terms & conditions below, or you can view their full-text message terms & conditions here.

Peach Text Messaging Terms & Conditions: By clicking “submit” I consent to receive text messages, including marketing text messages, that are sent from or on behalf of Peach at the number I provided, including by automatic means. I agree to receive daily lunch menus via texts and additional texts in accordance with the SMS terms. I understand that I am not required to consent as a condition of purchasing any goods or services. By joining Peach’s text messaging program, I also agree to the Terms of Use and that I have read the Privacy Policy of the program. Message and data rates may apply. Text HELP to 85176 for help. Text STOP to 85176 to cancel.

Peach Food Delivery Onboarding - Mobile Phone Number 2

Once the new Peach user enters their mobile phone number and clicks the “Continue” button, they’re told that Peach just sent them a text message, and to verify your mobile phone number, reply to that message with the word “PEACH”. You can see this message in the image below.

Peach Food Delivery Onboarding - Text Message Confirmation

The text message from Peach comes from their very own dedicated vanity short code – 23456, and the message reads: Peach Lunch: Reply with PEACH to verify your phone number and complete the signup with Peach. Your lunch nirvana awaits you! You can see this in the text message below from Peach.

Peach Text Message Confirmation

When the Peach user responds to the text message with the word “PEACH” they’re sent the following text message, which reads: Peach Lunch: Welcome! Msg/day vary based on usage. Msg&data rates may apply. Reply HELP for help, STOP to cancel.

Peach Text Message Confirmation 2

That’s it, once you reply PEACH to their dedicated vanity short code 23456, you’ll start receiving daily text messages from Peach with their lunch offers. To be accurate though, Peach is actually using MMS messaging for their daily lunch offers, as they’re including an image with each send. As you can see below, the Peach daily MMS messages are coming from their dedicated vanity short code 23456, and include an image of the day’s meat, vegetarian, and low calorie option, in addition to the name of each dish, and the price. As you can see from the images below, the Peach user is instructed to reply via text message, “YES MEAT”, “YES VEG”, or “YES LITE” to indicate their order preference.

Peach MMS Message Example Peach MMS Image

What’s cool about Peach’s reply yes text messaging campaign, is that they allow their customers to completely customize their SMS experience. As you can see in the image below, Peach allows customers to customize what time they receive their Peach text message, what their food preference is, and even if they receive an SMS or MMS message each day.

Peach Text Message Preferences

Pretty cool use of a reply yes text messaging campaign, right? As you can see, these types of text messaging campaigns when executed properly can have a significant impact on any business, as it makes the entire process of buying as simple as reply “Yes”. Want to sign up for Peach, click here. Have questions about running your own reply yes text messaging campaign, reach out to the SMS marketing experts at Tatango here.

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