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How Reply Yes Text Messaging Campaigns Work

Reply Yes Text Messaging

You may have recently seen that we wrote about how Peach, a startup that is using MMS messaging to enable their users to select which meal option they’d prefer to receive for lunch. After writing about Peach’s use of MMS messaging, we received a lot of interest from retailers in how this type of functionality could be used to sell actual merchandise.

In looking around, we found another startup that is using the same type of text messaging functionality that Peach is using, but using it to sell merchandise. The company is called The Edit, which sends out a daily MMS message, with curated vinyl options for the user to purchase.

Unlike Peach who asks their users to reply A, B, or C to specify which lunch option they’d like to order, The Edit presents their users with one vinyl option each day, and users simply need to reply “YES” to make your purchase. This type of text messaging functionality is commonly referred to as “Reply Yes Text Messaging”, as you simply need to reply “Yes” to make a purchase.

What’s most interesting about The Edit, and how they’re using reply yes text messaging, is that they’ve generated over $1,000,000 in sales in only the first 8-months of their existence.

So how does reply yes text messaging campaigns work for retailers? To answer that question, we looked at none other than The Edit, to see how they’re using reply yes text messaging, and how you can leverage what they’re doing for your own retail brand.


How Reply Yes Text Messaging Campaigns Work – The Edit

The reason startups like Peach and The Edit are using reply yes text messaging, is that it’s made the selection/buying process extremely easy for the user. It’s literally just replying to a text message… How much more simple could it get!? These startups also do a good job of making the on-boarding process to become a user simple. When you combine a simple on-boarding process, with a simple selection/purchasing process, it’s a win-win not only for the consumer but for the brand.

In the case of The Edit, you can start the registration process right on their home screen. What’s great about registering on The Edit is that the only personal information they require from you is your mobile phone number. This will obviously be used to send you your daily vinyl picks. You can see how simple the process to register on The Edit is below. (text message terms & conditions apply)

Reply Yes Text Messaging App - How it Works 2

Once you enter your mobile phone number to receive these daily reply yes text messages from The Edit, the next step is for The Edit to learn a little about your music tastes. To do this, they present you with a simple music personality quiz.

Reply Yes Text Messaging App - How it Works 3

As you can see below, one of the questions in this music personality quick is whether I like, or dislike Funkadelic – Funkadelic (180 gram). I can either click on the thumbs up, or thumbs down button to tell The Edit what I like to hear. This music personality quiz allows The Edit to send me reply yes text messages with the merchandise that has the highest chance of me replying “yes” to.

Reply Yes Text Messaging App - How it Works 4

Once The Edit thinks they know enough about your musical preferences, the next step, as they say, is to “just sit back and relax. You’ll get a vinyl pick via text every day.” I told you right, pretty simple registration process.

Reply Yes Text Messaging App - How it Works 5

During the registration process, I also received an MMS message from The Edit, thanking me for joining their reply yes text messaging program. That message was sent from their dedicated MMS enabled short code – 737-70.

Reply Yes Text Message Confirmation

Then I waited to receive my first reply yes text message from The Edit. Soon enough, I received an MMS message from The Edit on their short code 737-70. The MMS message, as you can see below, included an image of the vinyl cover, and information about that specific vinyl purchase. There are only a few options after you receive your daily vinyl message from The Edit. The first option is to reply “LIKE” or “DISLIKE”, which helps The Edit better know your tastes in music, and the second option is to reply “Yes” to purchase this specific vinyl.

Reply Yes Text Message Promotion

If I was interested in buying this vinyl, all I’d have to do is reply “Yes” to their message. As you can see in the text message below, this is exactly what I did. Being that it was my first time purchasing from The Edit, they sent me back a mobile website link for me to set up my shipping and payment info.

Reply Yes Order Confirmation

When you click on the link in the text message, it takes you to a mobile website, which allows you to set your shipping and billing information. The best part is that after my first purchase on The Edit, that information is saved and associated with my mobile phone number. This means that the next time I see a vinyl that I’d like to purchase, all I have to do is simply reply “Yes”, and it’s automatically purchased using my saved billing information, and shipped to the address they have on file. Pretty cool huh!?

Reply Yes - Complete Order

To give you an idea of the type of reply yes text messages The Edit sends on a daily basis to their users, we collected some of our favorites and posted them below. If you’re interested in running your own reply yes text messaging campaign for your brand, contact Tatango today for more information.

Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 1     Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 2

Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 3     Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 4

Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 5     Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 6

Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 7     Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 8

Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 9     Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 10

Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 11     Reply Yes MMS Marketing Message 12

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