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Kiehl’s Wins Award For Longest SMS Opt-In Process

While Kiehl’s has been crushing it with their SMS marketing campaign, achieving a 73% redemption rate during their 6 month pilot program, their opt-in process definitely wins the award for the longest opt-in process I’ve ever seen.

You have to see it though to believe it, so without further ado…

Kiehls Text Message

Kiehls Text Message 2

Kiehls Text Message 3

If you weren’t counting, that’s 7 text messages from Kiehl’s, in response to my 2 text messages. Something is obviously wrong with this SMS marketing campaign, as it sent me two SMS messages during the opt-in process for free lip balm, one after the first opt-in, then another one after the second opt-in for geolocation SMS messages.

Ever wonder why SMS messages are limited to 160 characters, forcing brands to send all of these SMS messages separately? It’s actually an interesting story, which you can read here.

Kiehl’s isn’t alone when it comes to winning awards for their mobile marketing mistakes. Check out how Caesars Entertainment won the award for the worst SMS advertisement of 2013, how Charlotte Russe won the award for the longest text message promotion, and don’t forget OfficeMax with the longest coupon code ever put into an SMS message.


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