SMS Marketing Best Practices

Avoid This Common MMS Marketing Mistake

Thinking about using MMS marketing to reach your customers? Before you hit send on your MMS marketing campaign, please check for one common mistake, which we continue to see brands making when using MMS marketing.

As you can see below, Avenue, a clothing retailer sent out the following MMS promotion.

MMS Marketing

When a customer clicks on the image, it displays the following.

MMS Marketing Promotion

See the link in the bottom right of the screen that we highlighted, which says “SHOP NOW”? The problem is that MMS messages are images, and unlike websites, MMS images aren’t clickable, therefore this “link” isn’t clickable. The image used in this MMS message is most likely an image they used on their mobile website, where a customer could click on the link, but they didn’t think to change the image when sending it in their MMS message. So the lesson here is, always review the images/videos you send in an MMS message, as you can’t be instructing customers to click on anything to take action.

Another great thing to remember with MMS marketing is that just because you have the option to send an image, doesn’t mean you have to. For an example of brand that didn’t learn this lesson, check out this blog post.


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