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Get a Head Start on Your Visual Content for 2023 with the Tatango Design Studio

Get a Head Start on Your Visual Content for 2023 with the Tatango Design Studio

Many nonprofits use text marketing as their core fundraising platform. With its 99% open rate, it’s no wonder—text messages are a powerful way to boost engagement and keep in contact with supporters. 

Making your messages stand out among all the messages your supporters receive from friends, relatives, brands, and other organizations can be challenging. It’s easy to get overlooked in a busy inbox, especially if your messages are not immediately eye-catching. Tatango offers the perfect solution.

Improve Your Text Campaigns with Great Design

Well-designed texts and attention-grabbing messages stand out. Some teams only rely on basic SMS messages with plain text and a 160-character limit, but there are other options. With MMS messages (multimedia messaging service), you can send longer texts and embed videos, clips, GIFs, and audio files. These media-rich messages are more compelling than plain-text messages and can help you build a stronger connection with your supporters. 

Make the Most of the Tatango Design Studio

Developing designs and integrated media messages requires time, effort, and resources, something many nonprofits lack as everyone has to wear so many hats. But with Tatango as your text provider, you won’t have to do it alone. You’ll have access to experienced support, in-house designers, and comprehensive asset libraries. A leader in the SMS marketing industry for the last 15 years, Tatango has brought together some of the best people and technology to help you reach your fundraising goals. 

Tatango’s design studio is available for all Tatango clients at no extra cost. Bring your vision to life to reach subscribers and increase engagement through well-designed messages. Try embedding audio clips of candidates or well-known fundraisers to build personal connections with donors. Stay on brand with consistent design, language, and style for your messages to ensure they stand out when potential donors open their text message inboxes. 

Collaborate with Tatango’s designers to build a strong branding and messaging identity for your team and text program and create the best possible final products. Expertly designed messages will set you apart from your competition and put you in a position to meet or exceed your fundraising goals. 

Boost Engagement with Eye-Catching Messages

Top-tier SMS and MMS designs can tip the scale in your favor. With Tatango, in-house designers can work with your initial designs and plans and bring them to life. Send the perfect donation requests, thank-you messages, and updates—engaging and moving messages will help you build lasting partnerships with supporters.

Contact the team of experts at Tatango to learn more about SMS marketing and fundraising.

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