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How To Use Storytelling in Your Text Messages

How To Use Storytelling in Your Text Messages

Sharing your story with constituents is a crucial step on your path to success when you’re a nonprofit fundraiser. People are more excited and willing to jump on board when they feel connected to your mission and values. Clear and ongoing communication is vital for keeping up the momentum. If you’re ready to invite supporters to join your story. This is where text marketing comes in.

Most teams rely on emails to stay in touch with supporters. Marketing emails achieve a 20% open rate on average. By comparison, text message open rates usually exceed 99%, and 90% are read within just three minutes of being sent. This is why text messages keep gaining steam among nonprofit organizations.

Share Stories with Text Messaging 

Tatango has been helping organizations take their fundraising drives across the finish line with text messages for the last 15 years. Our expert support and purpose-built texting platform make crafting and sending engaging text messages easier than ever.

This fast and reliable communication channel helps you stay in close contact with supporters. However, storytelling should be a priority if you want your text messages to keep subscribers invested and motivated to join your mission. 

People who view text marketing as a basic channel for reminders and donation links are missing out on real potential. Your text messages can spread your passion and encourage subscribers to play a significant role in the story and the solution.

Three Steps for Creating Compelling Text Messages

With holidays, deadlines, and fundraising goals on the horizon, the following are three ways you can use storytelling techniques to ensure your text messages have a lasting impact. 

  1. Use Clear and Concise Language

Actively call your supporters to action with every text message. Spell out how they can help and give them a concrete next step. Ensure your text message recipients are always clear about how to get involved. 

  1. Add Variety to Your Text Messages 

The text conversation will quickly turn stale if every text is similar in length, tone, and structure. Instead of repeating the same brief donation request every time, add variety to your messages to make your text conversations feel natural and engaging. Send short and sweet reminders as deadlines and holidays approach and longer messages to provide updates and projections for the future. Variety will also help with long-term engagement and open rates. 

With Tatango as your SMS provider, you can use multimedia messaging service (MMS) to send embedded photos, GIFs, video and audio clips, and links. MMS messages are a fantastic way to provide more compelling updates and encourage people to get involved.

  1. Thank Supporters and Highlight Their Contribution

After the fundraising deadlines are met, send your supporters a thank-you message highlighting how their involvement made your success possible. If your messages help supporters feel like they’re along for the journey, they will likely feel more invested and engaged. Let them know you couldn’t reach your goals without them. 

Subscribers and donors are truly a part of your team, and text fundraising is an inclusive storytelling tool that invites them to keep up with events and stay personally involved. 

Invite Supporters into Your Story

It’s natural to feel discouraged when people are not responding, donating, or getting involved with your campaign. With text marketing, you can build sustainable and lasting partnerships with supporters through fast and direct messaging. Storytelling is vital for successful text marketing. Through active language, clear requests, a variety of message styles, and regular expressions of heartfelt appreciation, supporters will quickly see how much you value them. To learn more ways to include text messaging in your marketing and fundraising campaigns, contact the team of experts at Tatango.

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