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Don’t Go into 2023 Without Doing THIS for Your Marketing Strategy

Don't Go into 2023 Without Doing THIS for Your Marketing Strategy

Building and sustaining fundraising engagement takes time and effort, but it makes a huge difference as deadlines and election days draw near. Some teams rely on printed pamphlets, emails, and word of mouth. However, with 2023 fast approaching, this is the time to revisit your market strategies. 

Though more organizations are switching to SMS marketing to contact supporters and send donation links, currently, only 15% of nonprofits text their supporters. By jumping on board now, you can establish your SMS donation campaign in a less crowded channel. Only 20% of marketing emails are ever opened, compared to 99% of text messages. And when 78% of people are saying text messages are the fastest way to reach them, why consider any other communication method? Let’s dive into why text messaging should be central to your 2023 strategy. 

Add Text Marketing to Your Fundraising Game Plan

Over the last 15 years, Tatango has become the text marketing industry leader. The Tatango platform makes it easy to grow your subscriber list, send text messages, add donation links, and more. And there’s one more vital way we can help you elevate your text fundraising strategy: custom design.

Up your Game with the Tatango Design Studio

Creating eye-catching messages takes a lot of work to do well, especially when you’re also managing all other aspects of your fundraising campaign. No matter the size of your campaign, improving your design and layout takes time and resources. When you work with Tatango, that’s not an issue—you’ve got a whole team of designers ready to support you.

All Tatango clients can take advantage of the Tatango Design Studio at no extra cost. In addition to basic SMS text messages, our design experts can help you create longer MMS (multimedia messaging service) text messages. Our team will work with you to design compelling, beautiful texts that integrate media such as images, video clips, GIFs, and audio files. Tatango’s massive design libraries and resources are available to bring your vision to life and take the look and impact of your text messages to a whole new level. 

Here’s how to get started with the Tatango Design Studio:

  1. Sign up with Tatango as your text provider. Then, contact your account representative and add the Design Studio to your upcoming game plan.
  2. Tatango’s in-house design team will work with your shared notes, vision, and campaign assets. 
  3. Add the final products to your text messages, and get ready to watch your text performance metrics improve. 

Well-designed MMS messages are ideal for connecting with supporters, sending updates, and demonstrating progress. Thoughtful design and attention-grabbing text messages can boost your text fundraising and help you bring in more donations than ever. 

Create Messages with a Lasting Impact Through Better Design

Fundraising messages can offer much more than standard donation links. Engaging text messages move supporters to get involved and stick with you for the long haul. Partner with Tatango as your text provider and work with our design studio to help turn your 2023 fundraising strategy into your most successful one yet.

Contact our team of experts today to learn more about SMS marketing and fundraising.

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