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SMS Marketing Case Studies: Dick’s Sporting Goods

DICK’s Sporting Goods is the largest sporting goods retail company in the United States. The DICK’s SMS marketing alerts program gives consumers access to special offers, product alerts, and in-store events. In this blog post, we take a closer look at DICK’s Sporting Goods’ SMS marketing program so you can get a feel for how this company turns subscribers into loyal customers and advocates of the brand, and even get a few ideas for your own SMS marketing campaigns.


DICK’s Sporting Goods SMS Marketing Examples

Consumers can sign up for the DICK’S Text Alerts Program in person at the register or using the opt-in form on the company’s website. The examples below are pulled from smsarchives.com, a search engine for SMS marketing examples from DICK’s Sporting Goods and other top brands.


DICK’s Sporting Goods Text Message Marketing Example 1

This first message is a classic example of MMS marketing. When constructing your text message, you have to consider the number of characters per message, the inclusion of any media, and how you intend to format and present the message.

In this example, DICK’s decided it was worthwhile to extend the length of this message and add an image aimed at the target audience for this message. That target audience, based on the image, use of emojis, and school-context language (“A+ style”) is likely older high school students and college students. Messaging is more effective if recipients feel like they can relate to it.

The longer length and wider formatting of this message allow DICK’s to include two distinct (shortened) URL links that go to separate pages and deals. This could double the potential click-through rate and gives consumers more options. It also allows for more open and efficient messaging — the text isn’t uncomfortable or irritating to read on its own due to the comfortable line spacing and breathing room.


DICK’s Sporting Goods Text Message Marketing Example 2

Here, we can see DICK’s used the same open formatting but didn’t include additional media. The SMS message is clearly promoting a Father’s Day sale and promotes only one link. To sweeten the deal, DICK’s opted to lengthen the message with a sentence about contactless curbside pickup, since consumers are more likely to do something if it’s convenient for them. This is an effective message: short, sweet, and to the point.


DICK’s Sporting Goods Text Message Marketing Example 3

DICK’s is very fond of flash sales in their text message marketing campaigns. At least one-third of the company’s text message marketing involves some kind of flash sale. The messaging strategy is straightforward: get attention and describe the deal in one sentence, provide a convenient link to the website, and end with support commands. It’s quick, cheap, and effective.


DICK’s Sporting Goods and TCPA Compliance

DICK’s Sporting Goods makes sure to include the full breadth of disclaimers and required information for consumers on their website. The company clarifies that its messaging is periodic and auto-dialed, that opting in is not a required condition of making a purchase, and that message and data rates may apply. Explicit instructions are provided for how to unsubscribe from the SMS messaging program, along with links to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. DICK’s covers all bases and makes sure that the consumer is fully aware of these things before signing up on the website. All of these details ensure that DICK’s is in compliance with TCPA and CTIA regulations and recommendations, which keeps the company out of court and in good business.


Getting Started with SMS Marketing

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