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Boost Your Nonprofit Fundraising Efforts With These 5 Text Incentives

With a 99% open rate, nonprofit text fundraising continues to prove itself as a powerful way to raise money and surpass fundraising goals. Text messages can help you reach donors faster and boost engagement. 

Partnering with the right texting provider that supports you and helps you realize your mission can augment the success of your text fundraising campaign. Over the last 15 years, Tatango has become the industry leader, helping organizations raise over $400 million. Our expertise, software, and automation tools empower you to grow your support base and bring in more support than ever. Sometimes you may need some additional support to reach potential supporters and subscribers who are interested in your text campaign but are hesitant to join. Incentives and rewards play a crucial role with those audiences, and we’re here to help.  


Rewarding Engagement with SMS Messages

As you start, manage, and run your text fundraising campaign, donor incentives may not seem like the best strategy. Ideally, people get on board with your organization, not because of the perks you’re offering but because they believe in your mission and want to do their part to help you realize it. But, if the rewards and incentives complement your overall mission, they can play a valuable role in your fundraising success. Incentives boost engagement, help you connect with supporters, and distinguish your campaign from your competition, bringing in new support and rallying past donors.

Building rewards into your text messages is easy with Tatango as your provider. Here are five incentives to try. 


  1. Create Behind-the-Scenes Content

Many supporters would love to see photos or clips of your team behind the scenes, putting their donations into action. Behind-the-scenes snapshots and interviews can help your subscribers engage with your team. For example, interview key players in your fundraising campaign so supporters can get to know them. Or send a series of short videos, documentary style, showing how funds are invested. 


     2. Offer Merchandise or Merchandise Discounts

Your supporters are here because they care about your mission and goals. Stickers, t-shirts, shirts, signs, and other merchandise can help them feel more engaged and encourages them to share with the world that they are part of your team. 


        3. Send Personalized Messages

Many subscribers would love a personalized message from your team or a well-known supporter. These brief messages are easy to create and can leave a lasting, meaningful impression. 


       4. Provide Early Access or Back-Stage Passes for In-Person Events

Invite donors to live fundraising events or enter their names into raffles for passes to meet your team. 


       5. Make a Detailed Plan for Incentives

Add tiered reward levels ranging from exclusive updates to personalized videos or passes. These tiers will help encourage supporters to stay engaged and keep up with your fundraising campaign. 


Incentives are powerful, especially if you’re launching or rebranding a text campaign. The more fun and rewarding your text campaign, the more people will want to participate.


Incentivize and Reward Your Supporters

Incentives help your text fundraising campaign stand apart. Behind-the-scenes updates, exclusive merchandise, personalized videos, and in-person event passes can boost engagement and give supporters tangible connections to your fundraising campaign and your organization. Tiered rewards also keep people invested in your ongoing story —  maintaining subscriber focus on each step of your fundraising campaign. If you’ve struggled with nonprofit fundraising, perhaps some specific rewards and bonuses can breathe new life and add momentum to your campaign and help you achieve your goals. 


Talk to the team of experts at Tatango today to learn more about nonprofit text marketing and fundraising. We’re ready to help you connect with supporters and make your fundraising campaign a success!


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