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How To Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Donation Page (And Grow Your Text Subscriber List)

Your donation page is often a central element of your nonprofit’s website, spelling out your organization’s goals and making it easy for people to support your mission. Your website and donation page don’t have to be complicated or confusing. Unfortunately, that’s sometimes the case, which can cause you to lose potential supporters and keep you from reaching your fundraising goals. 


Your donation page can also help you expand and grow. Whether setting up your nonprofit’s donation page from scratch or revamping an existing fundraising campaign, text marketing is an effective way to drive traffic to your website—and grow your text subscriber list through your website. 


On average, text messages have a 99% open rate, compared to only 20% for email marketing. As an industry leader over the last 15 years, Tatango has finely tuned how to link your nonprofit’s website and texting campaign to optimize your donation page and amplify your mission.


Three Ways to Improve Your Donation Page for Ongoing Fundraising Success

Simple changes can help optimize your nonprofit’s donation page and grow your text subscriber list. Here are three key ways you can improve your donation page today:

  1. Write a Compelling Mission Statement

Make sure your mission statement is clear and concise. Potential supporters land on your page from many different places, such as following a shared link or clicking on a Google search result. They shouldn’t have to search your site to learn your key mission and goals. 


     2. Integrate Your Website and Text Subscriber List

Partner with Tatango’s texting platform and integrate your text contact list with your website. A simple line of code can sync the information supporters enter into your contact form with your text messaging subscriber list. This integration can exponentially grow your text fundraising campaign and help drive long-term supporter engagement.


      3. Call Supporters to Real Action

Add a strong call to action along with your donation link. Use straightforward language tells people how they can support your organization. Clearly tell them how they can partner with your organization and help fulfill its mission. An easy donation link and a clear and compelling invitation to get involved will help you connect with more supporters. 


Get the Most Out of Your Donation Page

A clear and focused message is vital for optimizing your donation page. Potential supporters should be able to quickly learn about your organization’s mission, strategies, and goals. With Tatango and text messaging, you can easily and reliably stay connected with existing supporters—and welcome new ones. To learn more about partnering with Tatango for your text marketing and fundraising, contact our team of experts today.

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