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3 Most Important Success Factors in Nonprofit SMS Marketing

3 Most Important Success Factors in Nonprofit SMS Marketing

Over the past 14 years, Tatango has realized a few basic things every SMS marketer should master to increase donations and advance their cause. Our experts have familiarized themselves with vital elements for a successful nonprofit SMS marketing campaign. With a well-planned text message marketing strategy, nonprofits can increase awareness, funds, and volunteers, making it easier to achieve their mission to serve communities.

When you partner with Tatango, our experts collaborate with your team to create text message marketing campaigns that resonate with your supporters every time. We’ve worked diligently to create a platform that supports the unique needs of nonprofit organizations. As a result, our methods have helped some of the nation’s most successful nonprofit fundraising campaigns yield consistent record-breaking results. 

Keep reading if you’re searching for a solid and consistent SMS marketing strategy. In this blog, we’ll review key SMS marketing elements to remember before you hit send and share the three most crucial factors for nonprofit SMS marketing success.


Most Important Success Factors in Nonprofit SMS Marketing

Review the following checklist to raise more donations for your nonprofit organization.


Integrate Your SMS Phone Number Your Website

A short code is a five- or six-digit phone number brands and organizations use to communicate with people by text messages. Nonprofit organizations can use short codes or 10-digit long codes (10DLC) to invite their supporters to donate, volunteer, or attend exclusive events. 

With Tatango, it’s easy to integrate short codes and 10DLC into your existing platforms. Adding a simple snippet of code to your website will help you grow your subscriber list and increase donations. Since our system can smoothly integrate with yours, you won’t need to manually add your short code all over your website or on branded materials. This simple process can save you a ton of time, while growing your subscriber list at record speed.

Why Your Nonprofit SMS Marketing Might Be Failing


Personalize Messages With Merge Tags

Merge tags are placeholders linked to your subscribers’ identifying information. They help you personalize messages in many different ways. Try the following steps to get the most benefit from merge tags. 

First, collect information about your subscribers when they opt in to receive messages from your organization. The more information you have about subscribers, the easier it is to personalize messages. For instance, ask your supporters for their email address, favorite causes, and birthday.

You can then segment subscribers into groups based on the information they’ve provided. Tatango’s platform makes it easy for our clients to send messages targeted to specific groups and individual supporters. For example, do you have an upcoming local event that needs volunteers? Send a message to supporters based in or near the zip code where your event will be held and insert a merge tag with their name to personalize the message. 

Using merge tags ensures your subscribers feel seen and appreciated for supporting your cause. Imagine how supporters will feel every time they open a message that greets them by name. Personalizing messages is a proven way to keep your supporters informed and involved.

3 Most Important Success Factors in Nonprofit SMS Marketing


Use Analytics to Gauge Effectiveness

Tatango’s platform creates a messaging report for every text message sent. This report shows how many people opened your messages and clicked on links in messages. On average, SMS messages have a 99% open rate

Be sure to analyze the donation section for each targeted message you send. This information is crucial to ensure you reach your financial goals. Track how many subscribers donated, the average donation amount, and the total amount linked to an individual message. Review the message report to notice trends in supporters’ interests levels. The experts at Tatango can help you gain insights from your report and adjust your campaign for optimal results. 


Your Secret Success Factor: The Nonprofit Industry Expert

The best way to improve your ROI is to choose an SMS Marketing platform that supports nonprofit text message campaigns. Tatango has more than 14 years of experience working with nonprofit organizations, delivering an average ROI of $5 in donations for every $1 invested in text message marketing.

We also offer our clients exclusive access to Tatango’s Design Studio. Just contact your account representative with your goals and ideas for your SMS marketing campaign, and our experts can help you design every component of your text messages. We’ll help see your campaign through from beginning to end with successful results. 

Implementing the strategies above has resulted in SMS marketing success for many nonprofit organizations. If you’re interested in other exclusive benefits Tatango clients receive when they partner with us or, If you need assistance integrating these strategies into your text message marketing campaign, contact us today. Our experts are here to help you every step of the way. 

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