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2014 Cell Phone Behavior Survey Results

Mobile Phone Statistics 2014

Skout recently surveyed more than 5,000 people to uncover the do’s and don’ts of cell phone behavior in our mobile society. The results are below.

  • 25% of men and 17% of women admit that they have actually checked for messages, or sent messages, during sex!
  • Almost half of all people (49%) have been interrupted by their mobile phone during sex.
  • 67% of people say that your cell phone manners reflect your overall manners as a person.
  • 21% of people have actually ended a relationship with someone because they had bad cell phone manners.
  • 78% of people say they notice when someone has good cell phone manners (hooray!).
  • 64% of people say that it is not okay to get tagged in photos on social media sites without their permission.
  • 52% of people say you should not put your mobile phone on the table during a meal.
  • 70% of people confess that they are guilty of breaking that rule, though.
  • 50% of people say someone else has broken off a relationship with them using their mobile phone.
  • 48% of women admit to breaking off a relationship using their mobile phone vs. 39% of men.
  • Worst breach of cell phone etiquette is “using your mobile phone while simultaneously talking to someone in person.” (41%)
  • Other offenses include: talking too loud in public (34%); using a mobile phone during a meal (13%) and annoying ring tones (12%).

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