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Top 3 Tips to Raise Donations Via Text Message Subject Lines

You’ve heard the objectives that texting can help your campaign with, and you know the components of launching a successful political texting campaign. Now, let’s discuss how to write political text messages that win. Subject lines are a key part of your text message. They provide context and help supporters understand the purpose of your message. In this video, we’re sharing our top 3 tips to raise donations using subject lines in text message marketing. 

Be Concise and Inspire Curiosity

Due to the nature of text messages, you need to be concise and effective. With only 160 characters in SMS messages, you must focus on crafting a message with a limited amount of screen space that communicates who you are, the reason for sending the message, and the action needed from your supporters. When creating your messages, consider your supporters; they will most likely only take a few seconds to open and read your messages. Unlike social media, email, and other channels, text messaging is a direct channel to your supporters; that being said, campaigns still have to compete for their attention.

Tip: Use Tatango’s message preview when creating a message in order to balance the message conciseness with character length. Or, mix in MMS messages which allow up to 5,000 characters of text.

Humanize Your Message-Personalize Your Message

As with other digital marketing efforts like email and social media, adding a human element to your election campaign is advantageous. In a political setting, this is especially important in election campaigns, as the candidate is the “product” that the campaign is centered around. The better your campaign can humanize your messaging, the more your supporters feel like they have a personal connection to their candidate.

Tip: Use Tatango’s merge tags to incorporate subscriber names into the text message copy.

Increase Urgency

In every text message, you should always consider the opportunity to incorporate a call to action. After all, text messaging is one of the most effective tools to cut through the noise, guide your supporters, and make an ask with a clear call to action.

Tip: Urgency is especially important in political texts, so use hot button topics that increase the sense of urgency and grab subscriber attention. Create a call to action around key functions of your campaign: donate, attend an event, volunteer, and vote.

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