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Tatango Now Offering 5,000 Character Messages

Here at Tatango, we have come out with yet another unique service that will greatly enhance the text message marketing experience for both brands and their customers.

Where MMS messages could traditionally contain only a maximum of 500 characters, Tatango has now increased that limit to 5,000 characters. This newly set limit will greatly increase the possibilities for marketers to convey their messages.

Before we go into more details. It is worth to take a look at what MMS marketing messages actually are, and how they are different from SMS messages.


SMS vs MMS Marketing Messages

SMS messages are sent by brands who want to inform their customers about promotions, new products, upcoming events, and other marketing-related topics. These messages can include plain text, phone numbers, and clickable links. SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters; see the example SMS message below on the left.

SMS Marketing vs MMS Marketing - Tatango

Alternatively, in order to give customers a better texting experience, brands can also choose to send MMS messages to their customers; see the MMS examples on the right. These messages provide a more enriched experience, because they can contain media elements such as videos and images, and their character limit has always been set at 500 characters. However, that is now about to change thanks to Tatango’s new feature.


5,000 Character Limit for MMS Messages

MMS marketing messages could traditionally only contain 500 characters of text. We say traditionally, because Tatango is now breaking through that barrier with a brand new MMS service that lets brands use up to 5,000 characters.

Send More Than 160 Character SMS Message

Here at Tatango, we understand the need for marketers to be able to personalize their text messages as much as possible. While some brands like to keep it short, there are others who have a bigger story to tell when they message their customers. With the help of this increased character limit service, those companies now have a lot more freedom about what kind of messages they want to send out.

To increase the capacity of your MMS marketing, contact us at Tatango.

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