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Mass Text Message Marketing

Tatango's software platform powers some of the most well-known text message marketing campaigns.

Tatango Feature - Text Message Marketing

Mass Text Message Marketing Benefits

Below are some of the many benefits to mass text message marketing with Tatango.

High Open Rates

Reports show that greater than 99 percent of all text messages are opened by consumers on their mobile devices.


Reports show that 90 percent of text messages are read within 3 minutes of the message being sent.


All carriers support text messaging, so no matter which carrier a consumer is using, they can receive your messages.


All devices support text messaging, so no matter what device a consumer is using, they can receive your messages.

Part of Daily Life

Text messaging doesn't require a new app to download or new technology as it's already a part of daily life.

No Spam

Due to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), text message marketing remains a spam-free channel.

Available Features

The following mobile messaging features are available on the Tatango platform.

Messaging Workflows

Create virtually any type of messaging workflow with the click of a mouse.

Subscriber Segmenting

Hyper-target your messaging by sending to subscriber segments.

Subscriber Analytics

Easily track subscriber trends and visually display the data.

Subscriber Profiles

Subscriber profiles offer information about each of your subscribers.

Merge Tags

Dynamically insert a subscriber's information into any message.

Tatango Integrations

Connect your Tatango account with hundreds of powerful web services.

Developer API

Allows you to integrate Tatango into any existing software or application.

Messaging Automation

Send automated messages based on a wide array of subscriber events.

Messaging Analytics

See how many messages successfully sent, the click-through rate, etc.

Messaging API

Allows you to integrate SMS, MMS & RCS into any software or application.

Administrative Controls

Grant permission to Managers & Limited Managers based on access.