How Top Nonprofits Successfully Use Text Message Marketing

Nonprofit organizations support millions of causes across the United States, but the most successful nonprofit organizations have one thing in common: they use text message marketing.

Some organizations find themselves stuck with a group of volunteers calling a list of names, missing out on donations, not getting their organization in front of new eyes, and most importantly, not advancing their mission. 

On the other hand, nonprofits working with a text message marketing software like Tatango, have a unique advantage of engaging supporters, increasing donations, and furthering the mission of their organization.

Working alongside some of today’s most well-known nonprofit organizations, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade to help you efficiently and effectively increase your donations and further your mission. 

Here are four ways today’s top nonprofit organizations use text message marketing to raise awareness, increase financial support for their organization, and advance their mission.

1. Nonprofits use text marketing to raise funds.

The more financial support your nonprofit has, the more of a positive impact it can make. According to a Giving USA report, Americans gave a record-breaking 471 billion to charity in 2020.  Many more people would give if they knew how, or if the donation process were easier. With a text message marketing software like Tatango, you can easily inform your supporters about the causes most important to them by sending them a text with a hyperlink to donate. The one click donation process is easy because supporters can donate directly from the texts you send to them.

2. Nonprofits use text marketing to collect signatures.

Many nonprofits also use text message marketing to encourage supporters to sign petitions. Organizations ranging from The Humane Society and PETA to Conservation International regularly send text messages informing subscribers about petitions that need support. Subscribers can tap a link in a text message to quickly and easily add their signature to a petition.

3. Nonprofits use text marketing to grow awareness of their organization.

Nonprofits do important work in our communities and around the world, and many use text message marketing to share inspiring photos, progress, and updates about their organizations. People naturally want to share important causes with friends and family, and word-of-mouth is one of the most effective ways to build trust. Text messaging creates a virtual army of supporters acting on your behalf as they forward your text messages and increase awareness for your cause.



4. Nonprofit organizations use text marketing to recruit volunteers.

When your organization hosts a major event such as a rally, gala, or phone bank, you can send a text to your list to see who’s available to help. With text message marketing, you can segment your list down to specific zip codes, cities, or states, making it easy to reach the right people at the right time. 

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These are just a few ways that today’s most well-known nonprofits use text message marketing. For more insider tips on how to use text message marketing to raise money, collect signatures, grow awareness, and increase volunteers, subscribe to our YouTube channel and see more strategies like these in action.

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