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Why Twitter Doesn’t Work for Groups

While I’m watching this Wimbledon history-making match of Mahut vs Isner (did you watch it?), I wanted to write a blog about why Twitter just doesn’t cut it as a tool for group communication.

There are many reasons for this, including:

-Text messaging is sending a message directly to the persons phone, while Twitter is sent to the website or phone app that the people you want to communicate with have to open. Also, they need to have a Twitter account, which many people still don’t have – while majority have cell phones with text message abilities.

-Twitter is more of the idea of many to many, when group text messaging is one to many.

-Being many to many, your tweets get lost in the other tweets your followers are receiving. If someone you want to communicate with doesn’t check their Twitter or Twitter app right when you tweet out your message, it will become lost is their followers updates.

-Twitter is a social media tool to build your brand and yourself, engage in current trends and topics, not a specific group communication tool.

Here’s a LinkedIn conversation thread that inspired this post. Let us know in the comments about your experience with Twitter as a group communication tool and if you think Twitter is replacing text messaging.


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