Who Sends More Text Messages?

Have you ever wondered who sends the most text messages in any given month? If you guessed 13-17 year olds, then you’re correct! That’s what a recent report by Nielsen tells us.

Average Text Messages Sent Per Month

Teens participating in the study held during the last quarter of 2011, each sent on average 3,417 (SMS and MMS), wich is seven messages per waking hour. While these numbers are pretty crazy, I don’t think we’ve even begin to see the peak of messaging volume for this age group. What do you think, how many messages per hour do you think we will see at the peak? Let me know in the comments section below.

The report also shows that teens aren’t making as many calls as before, with voice usage declining from an average of 685 minutes to 572 minutes. Why are teens so obsessed with texting? The report says the top three reasons teens prefer text messaging to calling was because it is faster (22%), easier (21%), and more fun (18%).

It also looks like female teens are holding their ground when it comes to text messaging, sending and receiving 3,952 messages per month versus 2,815 from males. That’s a difference of 1,137 text messages if you don’t have a calculator handy.

Interested in seeing what age groups are most likely to opt-in to an SMS campaign? Check out our awesome SMS marketing infographic we created in 2011 after a survey of 500 consumers.


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