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Want to Save Time at Work? Try Text Message Marketing for Political Advertising

If you’re part of a political campaign, you already know how fast things move in politics. With so many advertising options and the lightning pace of online discourse, every clunky step can slow you down. Email marketing or TV ads have their place in political advertising, but no other communication method can compare to text messaging. It empowers candidates to reach supporters instantly to rally voters and bring in donations. 

In a time of quickly evolving communication tools and technology, many campaigns are throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks. They’re trying everything—billboards, signs, emails, radio spots, and more. While some of those options have broad reach and appeal, they lack the benefits of personalization and direct contact available with texting. Many barely even reach consumers anymore, with email marketing hovering around 20% read rates and social media posts around a dismal 5% or less. Keep reading to see why political texting—with 99% open rates—can work for you. 


Why Political Campaigns Are Using SMS Marketing

People are busy, and many of us have gotten pretty used to ignoring ad breaks and filtering marketing emails into spam folders. Text messaging is key in a political marketing strategy to maximize effectiveness and save time. The open rate for advertising emails is only 20%. In comparison, SMS message marketing has much better results: 90% of marketing texts are opened within three minutes. When fundraising and voting deadlines are approaching, text messages are the way to go. 


3 Ways Political SMS Messages Save Time

With an industry-leading political text messaging platform like Tatango, you can send out millions of texts in minutes. Direct supporters to your policy announcements or donation opportunities. Integrate images and links in your text messages to save voters time so they don’t have to remember URLs or look them up later. With a simple tap on a text message, your base can directly support your campaign. 

Let’s take a look at three ways political SMS messages can speed up your process.


1. Simple Opt-In Tools

SMS marketing is arguably the easiest channel to add to your marketing efforts. All you have to do is add a line of code to your website, and you can automatically collect subscriber phone numbers whenever someone fills out a form on your website or donates. From then on, you can send them text messages inviting them to quickly and easily donate again.

Some campaigns also like to promote their phone number on campaign materials like flyers, billboards, podiums, or campaign busses. Instead of joining a physical mailing list, supporters can simply text a chosen keyword to a short code number (e.g. Text WIN to 222-222). 

Information gathered in the opt-in process also helps strategists understand their base in more actionable ways. Through opt-in links in text messages, campaigns can grow their email list and promote live events and rallies. Supporters can opt in to receive newsletters, updates, raffles, and more. SMS messages provide a springboard for gaining steam and building support.

With text messaging as a single entry point to their entire campaign, candidates can avoid having a fragmented base divided by unconnected voices and calls to action. These easy, automated opt-in tools are sure to save you time—and deliver more votes and donations.


2. Understanding Your Supporters 

By asking questions through text, campaigns can segment supporters by zip code, time zone, donation status, and other demographic information. This data helps focus campaign efforts, avoiding wasted time on duplicate or irrelevant messages. Survey questions work best when framed in approachable and friendly ways. A brief question or two in an SMS message is more likely to get a response than a wall of text in an email. Many supporters will quickly fire off an answer, whereas they might avoid a lengthy questionnaire. 

When a candidate can easily see a breakdown of their subscriber list, they can make informed decisions and choices. As local voting deadlines approach or primary races heat up, the right text message sent to all subscribers in a zip code can be more effective than a general “get out and vote” message aimed at a state-wide or country-wide audience. Campaign teams who understand how to use texting on a small scale, as well as on the national stage, will save time and reap results much faster. 

Data shows that most people prefer campaign texts’ direct approach over stale emails and vague TV ads. SMS message marketing gives voters a choice with easy opt-out tools that are required by law. Campaigns know subscribers can easily opt out any time, incentivizing them to continuously improve and do better to keep their subscribers. 

5 Components to Launching a Successful Political SMS Campaign with Tatango - Segmentation


3. Integrated Donations

Political text messaging is an incredibly effective fundraising tool. Instead of more outdated methods, SMS messages usually provide a 500% return on investment for campaigns. The average Tatango client sees $5 in donations for every $1 invested in text message marketing. In the first hour of a presidential debate in 2020, supporters donated over three million dollars through text messaging.

Security is critical, particularly when campaign funds are involved. Supporters deserve to know that their money and data will be safe. That’s why Tatango implements layers of security, like two-factor authentication and automated logouts. 

With integrated political fundraising tools, campaigns send secure donation links to donors that require little more than one tap. These fundraising messages are easily repeatable, allowing campaigns to tie in special promotions and rewards for donors. Requesting and receiving donations has never been quicker and safer. 


Let Tatango Help You Save Time With Text Messaging

Don’t waste resources on outdated strategies. Focus your efforts where they’ll be most beneficial. With SMS marketing, your team can connect with voters and stay ahead of the competition. At Tatango, we have been streamlining the process of SMS marketing for over 14 years. We want to help your campaign’s resources go further and reach as many people as possible. Contact us today to get started.

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